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Sabine Edrissi Photography

Your stamp of approval means the world to me and I would love to reward you for your kindness. With your permission, I would like to gift you something special for your referral. There is absolutely no cost to you.

Spread the word that everyone should have their portrait taken by me, Sabine Edrissi Photography.​ When someone is referred by you, you will receive a $ 200.00 gift voucher towards your next purchase. 

Sabine is such a passionate and talented photographer. She is a pro at what she does, but she's also an extremely nice and kind hearted woman. I can't say enough about what an amazing personality she has and how patient and enthusiastic she is. Thank you for the beautiful photos you took of me. 

-Shadi Goharimoghadam


Beauty is seen through the eyes of the beholder and when your photographer can find your inner beauty and capture that for the world to see it is like a beautiful birthing moment. Your heart is viewed by all and found to be exquisite. For the best, most relaxing capturing of your essence, Sabine is your photographer. 

-Shara Nixon-


 Professional, exquisite talent, and caring, are the 3 words that represent Sabine. From the moment you meet her, you are welcomed into her space. With an abundance of guidance, wardrobe selections, and a beautiful bright space to let your creativity flow. After your session you are left feeling compelled and absolutely beautiful. From fine art portraits, personal branding, family photos, and fashion you can expect to be left with genuine memories for years to come. 

-Jessica Young-


 I started my own business and participated in the AFAM (African Fashion and Arts Movement) as a designer. Sabine was part of the production team. She captured amazing photos of my products. As a person who has a big and beautiful heart, Sabine kept supporting me on my philanthropic business journey and captured my in Africa hand-made sandals so beautifully. I always get asked who the photographer is. You can find them on, Instagram, Etsy and soon to be on the website. Recently we have done 2 different photoshoots with her, one of them for my personal branding and the other one for an African Fashion designer. Every time I work with her, I feel so comfortable, welcomed and cared for. She has a very professional approach to her business and she brings the best out of you with her amazing personality and professional skills. She never gets tired and makes sure to create the best out of her clients' projects by catering to their wants and needs. I highly recommend her for your personal branding and portrait photography. Thanks for your kindness and generosity Sabine, you are one of a kind!    With Love Ebru

2020-10-24_Yao_family (1 of 1)-72.jpg

 Sabine is the best photographer I have ever known. I remember a random shot she took of me at an event five years ago. That was a masterpiece! The fact that I was a shy person in front of a camera didn't stop Sabine to work with me. Since then, she has been great to work with and has done an awesome job of capturing my family and me at our best. She is great with kids and family, and her work is absolutely stunning! I can't say enough about how professional Sabine is and the quality of work she provides. She has captured some beautiful memories of my family and I will treasure them for the rest of my life! Sabine is energetic, engaging and super easy to work with. I will never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants true professional photography experience. Thank you, Sabine!!!

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